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From Amanda & Paul Brown
Added 15 September 2009

My Dear Beauty Queen

You stood with us & now its time we stand with you. By His stripes Sandra you are healed. We believe in a miracle working God in whom will restore you back to FULL health. I want to take this opportunity to say how much we really love & adore you both. Sandra you are such an inspiration to me & others. Thank you for the times you have been a spiritual mother to me & lifted me from the floor to look above. You have such a love for the downcasted, abused, lost & hurting. God has not not finished with you my dear. You still have the mandate to continue with & accomplish. I believe that God is ministering to you right now. When you are well & back on your feet. I want to hook up with you Sandra, we need to catch up.

Love you always

From Jeam Race
Added 15 September 2009

I know that God is watching over you all, and I pray that Sandra will be kept safe in the arms of the Lord whilst she is fighting this battle.

You are so loved by your work colleagues and we are shattered by this news. Be strong - my heart and prayers are with you all.

God Bless,

From Lorraine Russell and family
Added 15 September 2009

To Kevin and family
The news brought me to my knees in prayer. And so I pray this prayer of faith

My Precious Beautiful, Sister Friend and Angel, Pastor Sandra,
Sandra, I pray for the heavenly hosts of angels to surround you right now and watch over you as you go through this storm drenched valley.

I pray that your heavenly Father will wrap His loving arms around you as you rest and recover.

Sandra, I pray that the Holy Spirit, comforter will minister to you as you recover during this time of solitude.

Pastor Sandra, I pray that Jesus is tenderly taking you through His garden of serenity as you rest and recover (I recall your message about the garden some years ago).

I pray for complete and total healing in the name Of Yeshua. I pray that Daddy Jesus will sing to you His songs of healing as He bathes you in His healing stream.

You shall live and not die in the name of Jesus; I speak life into every area of you being my precious Beautiful sister and friend,

You Shall Live To Declare The works and wonders of the Lord God Strong And Mighty Amen!

Love you always, love and prayers, (I have not ceased praying. Kevin (Man of strength, Honour and fortitude), the children and all the family, hang-on in there, He is carrying you "footprints in the sand"

God keep you.
Lorraine & family

From Mark Tennant
Added 15 September 2009

Pastor Sandra
I was sharing with a friend yesterday a wonderful memory i have of you,
i will tell you all about it when your better.
Always His, Always Healed.
God Bless xx

From Nicole Dawkins
Added 14 September 2009

To Auntie Sandra and Uncle Kevin, our thoughts are with you, Love Leroy, Elaine, Sharlene, Leon, Nikki and Reiss xxxx

From Heidi Bentley
Added 14 September 2009

Kevin and family: I pray for strength, comfort and peace to you at this time. I know nothing said can make it any easier, so just know that we are all rooting for you and if you need anything, please ask!

Sandra, you are both a fearsome warrior and a precious child of God. I believe you are fighting this, and that God will be all the strength you need to do that, and He has you wrapped in His arms so tightly. May this become a testimony of His faithfulness to you. You are such a wonderful inspiration to so many of us - we love you!

Sending huge hugs and lots of love, God bless xxx

From Leony Titus
Added 14 September 2009

Kevin and Sandra, even though I've only known you both a relatively short time, I can see the hand of God on your lives and no weapon that is formed against you shall prosper. I pray immediately for Sandra miracle and also Kevin for your own complete healing.

We will focus our prayers on you both in this week's devotion at our office and I know that the prayers going up for you all over the world will not go unheard.

With our love and prayers always,
Leony & Toni Titus

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