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From Beverley McLean, Davinia and Nathaniel
Added 17 September 2009

Greetings Kevin and Family

We have met twice this year after not seeing each other for a long time. it was touching seeing you both and you again Kevin at Convention.

I have been praying for Sandra from the time I heard the news and pray that the healer of all diseases, our Balm in Gilead, our Resurrection and Life will restore her and that through her healing the doctors, nurses and all her carers will realise that we serve a God of miracles.

I am touched by the recent news and encouraged to know that I am serving a God of miracles, a God whose promises never fails cannot fails.

May the Lord continue to heal Sandra and I pray for complete healing. I pray for strength, courage, grace and a peace that pass all understanding to you Kevin and the family.

God bless

From David and Linda Summers
Added 17 September 2009

We know that God will prove His absolute power by restoring Pastor Sandra to rude good health. We pray that the medical team will continue to minister to her, knowing that they are working for the Lord. We pray that Pastor Sandra's blood pressure will stabalise, so that the good work that has been started will be completed.

We pray also that Kevin will not be too ruthless on his new diet!

From John & Kay Hart
Added 17 September 2009

Kevin & Sandra, You are very special friends, you have been such an encouragement to us, in the short time we have known you. We believe that although this is the most dificult time you have experienced, great glory will come to God, as has already happened. This is just the start of something incedible, but we are called to go the way of the cross. Our verse for you is: "We were crushed and completely overwhelmed and we thought we would never live through it. But as a result we learned not to trust on ourslves, but God who can raise the dead. And he did dliver us (you) from mortal danger and we are confident he will continue to deliver us (you.)" 2 Corinthians 1 8 - 10.

From Stuart and Elizabeth Webb
Added 17 September 2009

What a wonderful website this is! Such a welcome opportunity to send our messages and to be updated on Sandra's progress.

Kevin and Sandra,
We send you our sincerest love and prayers. You have been such an inspiration and example to us.

We were shocked to hear about Sandra . . . but we stand with you in believing that our God is able to heal and restore her to full health.
What a testimony of God's miracle-working power she will have!!

All our love,
Stuart and Elizabeth

From Andrea, Andrew, Micah, Sharnelle and Alisha McLean
Added 17 September 2009

Dear Kevin and Family

I sent a message earlier today, but it does not appear to have been submitted, so I am sending another one, because we want you to know that we love you and are praying for you.

It was only a few months ago we were being blessed by Pastor Sandra's ministry at Harrow NTCG, and afterwards reminiscing about our years at First Born.

Since hearing the news on Sunday we have been praying. I have been praying that God will heal Sandra and cover her under his wings. That he would send his ministering Angels to minister to Sandra continuously, and that patients and hospital staff would come to know who God is through this situation. Your updates have indeed confirmed that the God is moving in an awesome way.

We are praying for Sandras full recovery and look forward to hear about the lives that have been touched through Sandras deliverance. No weapon that is formed against Sandra shall prosper

God Bless you and your family continually, and may the peace of God that passeth all understanding continually supply your hearts and mind through Christ Jesus.


Andrea, Andrew, Micah, Sharnelle and Alisha McLean

From Leancia Donaldson
Added 17 September 2009

OMG!! I am soooo praising God right now for what he is doing. I was speaking to Andrea and I told her that on Tuesday night I had a dream that I was speaking to Pastor Sandra on the phone. Even though she was still in hospital, she was now awake but unable to speak except the odd mumble. The funny thing is I told her that I got accepted to uni to do my MA and suddenly out of no where she shouted down the phone "excellent, that's great!" Hahah. I woke up smiling because I thought that is so typical of Pastor Sandra to get excited over educational stuff.

Then on Wednesday I hear that she started to make some slight movements, how awesome is our God. Kevin, Andrea and Andrew be encouraged we are seeing the evidence that God is still on the throne and the prayers of the righteous are changing things.

Thank you Jesus, love you guys. Mwah!!

Lea xx

From Valerie James
Added 17 September 2009

Sandra - I have lit a special candle for you and am holding you in my heart. Clearly you are surrounded by love. I wish that you and yours find deep strength, healing and courage.


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