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From Sue Machin
Added 26 September 2009

Oh Kevin

Praise God in the highest heavens. To say we are overjoyed is an understatement. I am crying tears of joy for you. What a mighty God we serve. She's BACK!!! We have Sandra BACK. Thank you Lord with all my heart. We serve an awesome God indeed. Sending you a great big hug and please give Sandra a hug and kiss from me.

Elizabeth and Stuart Webb (the other third of your triplets) Wish me to send their love. They like us are overjoyed and rejoicing with you.

Weeping enjures for the night BUT JOY comes in the morning. Hallelujah for the JOY.

I know you and your family are on cloud 9 right now.
Sandra well done girl. You did it! You got through that dark place xxx
Loads and loads of love and prayers and kisses and hops and skips and jumps and oh do i need to say more.
Sue Keith and Sarah xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

From Desmond and Diane
Added 26 September 2009

Kevin and Family

We are so sorry to hear about Sandra and we have you all in our prayers. God is a great God and all things are possible with him. We just want to say we love and appreciate you and Sandra for your wonderful friendship and encouragement.

Sandra is a strong woman of God and she will pull through by the help of God

God bless

Love Desmond and Diane, Florida

From Sheryl Lindo-Mason
Added 26 September 2009

It has been pointed out more than once in scripture that the authority of which we speak of is the portion of every believer. It is not a special gift imparted in answer to prayer, but the inherent right of the child of God because of because of our elevation with Christ to the right hand of the Father. He has become through the rich mercy of God, an occupant of the Throne of the Lord, with all it implies in privilege and responsibility.

This elevation took place potentially at the resurrection of the Lord and because of the believer's inclusion in Him. The elevation is wholly of the wisdom and grace of the Father. We do not climb heavenly "steeps" by an act of faith or devotion on our part. It is ours simply to recognize the fact of this position, and to take our place in humble acceptance, giving all the glory and honour to God. Therefore our authority in God is truly a settled fact. God our Father has planned it and so the Lord Jesus Christ declared it and the works of the Holy Spirit makes it so, and it remains for the believers to act upon this powerful truth.

It is with this authority in our heavenly Father that I now boldly confront all the works of the devil and his emissaries in the name of the Risen Lord, I rebuke and discharge every work of the enemy against the health and progress of Sandra in the mighty name of Jesus. I bring down principalities and powers and all demonic hierarchy in the name of Jesus. In three worlds I establish the Throne of Christ, in heaven, on earth and underneath the earth. I cripple every work of darkness and I declare PROGRESS in the name of Jesus. I command her breathing to return to normal in Jesus name. I call it done by the precious blood of Jesus. Be strong. Give Sandra my love and tell her that I will see her soon.

From Jackie Lawrence
Added 25 September 2009

My thoughts are with you. May God be your comfort and strength during this time.

Love from Jackie

From Monique
Added 25 September 2009

Thinking of you and in prayer x

From Trevor Minto
Added 25 September 2009

To: SANDRA, Kevin, Andrew and Andrea

You are in the centre of His ALL abounding grace. Zechariah 2 v 5.

Trevor Minto

From Pam Linton
Added 25 September 2009

To a beautiful woman of God Sandra & the Man of God Kevin who stands beside her also Andrew and Andrea

The question was asked, is there anything to hard for The Lord? we respond with a resounding NO!!! GOD IS ABLE TO DO EXCEEDINGLY, ABUNDANTLY BEYOND OUR HIGHEST THOUGHTS AND FOUNDEST DREAMS. Yes I am declaring nothing missing nothing broken total wholeness. When God does a job it is WELL DONE PERIOD!!
This is my second message because my first one did not appear.
Love and Prayers Pam & Jordan-Lee

I am sending another message as my first one did not appear

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