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From Joanne Williams
Added 06 October 2009

Dear Sandra,
I am so happy to see how far you have come,I was listening to Whitney Houston's new cd track 7 yesterday while driving home and you ran through my mind,she sang I didn't know my strength and I listened to the words and I started crying because I kept thinking my goodness Sandra has come along way even when it was so scary you fought a good fight,tears came down my cheeks because I remembered my mom had breast cancer but came through with flying colours, the lord is a good God,we are so blessed, Thank you Jesus I said to myself, I am gonna sing that song for you when I come to England next near, I now know that this family is a fighter we are strong and we are believers in Christ, you please stay stronger we love you and I am really looking forward to seeing you in the new year...Love Joanne
..I am planning to sing that song on the Oprah Winfrey show she's having a contest for singers and I am gonna enter and dedicate that song to you and my mom...wish me good luck....thanks

From Alex & Dorcas Afriyie
Added 06 October 2009

We just want to let you know that we love you and are standing with you and praying for you Sandra. You are a wonderful woman of God and we admire you and are inspired by your life and faith.

With love from Alex & Dorcas, Joshua, Faith & Rachel

From Lydia FalconerWright
Added 06 October 2009

Sandra, you are in my thoughts and I hope that you are feeling better and better each day and you will return to us fully. I want to thank you for all the support you have given me; without you I do not think I would have persevered to go to university. You did not give up on me and I will not give up on you. It was you constant badgering and encouragement that pushed me forward to achieve what I had long discarded, and I will be forever grateful. Thank you.

From Elizabeth Lawson-Bennett
Added 05 October 2009

Hi Sandra,

The progress you are making is inspirational! People that don't even know you are logging on this site and being inspired by what God is doing. Wow Sandra, despite the spiritual attack you have undergone, yet still you continue to inspire magnitudes of people. You are like a palm tree (1) You can cut it, but you can't kill it! The minerals and nutrients most trees need to survive are found on the surface, just below the bark, so, when you cut them, they die. But not the palm tree. Its life comes from within, so it flourishes, even under attack. (2) It will bend, but it won't break. Tropical winds can blow most trees away, but not the palm tree. The stronger the wind, the further it bends - sometimes all the way to the ground. Yet when the storm ceases, it straightens up again and is actually stronger in the place where it bent. What a picture! We were made to bend, but not break, because God gives us '...strength that endures the unendurable and spills over into joy' (Col 1:11 TM). (3) Its depth always exceeds its height! While the roots of the average plant go only a few feet under the ground, the palm tree's roots can go down hundred of yards in search of water.

I love you Friend, Big Sis, Mummy and Pastor,

Elizabeth x

From Onia Mckenzie-Woodley
Added 05 October 2009

Our heavenly father is the greatest of all physicians, he is not limited and is able to do all things. continue to place your trust in him and lean on his every word. He has promised that he will never leave you or forsake you.

Our thoughts and prayers are with you Sandra and also with your family.

From angeline madondo
Added 05 October 2009

We give God glory and continue to adore and extol Him for giving you divine acceleration in your recovery. Surely our God is a pillar that we can lean on, our high tower , our fortress, our rock, and our refuge a place of safety. Blessed are those who trust in the LORD, whose confidence is in Him for anyone who trusts in him will never be put to shame. The LORD is good, a refuge in times of trouble and he cares for those who trust in him. We will continue in prayer as you continue to progress in divine health. love you. Angeline.

From Pam, Ray, Adam and Mark
Added 05 October 2009

Wishing you all, all our love, we are praying for you all, we are looking forward to seeing you at Grace Academy again, and glad to see that the prayers we are saying are truly being answered by he who is worthy of all praises, not that there was any doubt because through him all things are possible.

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