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From Sue Machin
Added 06 December 2009

My dearest Sandra and Kevin
How good to read this weeks report that it's highly likely Sandra will be discharged in time for Christmas. I have been praying for a few weeks now that she would be home for Christmas so now I am going to pray thanking Him for answered prayer. What a wonderful time you will have as a family. We will continue to up hold you as a family in our prayers and believe in faith for nothing less then COMPLETE healing and more for Sandra. If we don't manage to see you before Christmas have a blessed time together and may 2010 be a year of new beginnings,new direction and new vision for you both. God bless.

Much love and prayers

Sue Keith and Sarah Machin xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

From George, Elizabeth & Victoria Lawson-Bennett
Added 05 December 2009

Hi Kevin & Sandra,

We're back in the UK and all is well. Web access was limited whilst we were away, so I've only been able to check on your progress today. We're so pleased with the most recent update. Looking forward to seeing you all soon.

George, Elizabeth & Victoria xxx

From Yvonne
Added 03 December 2009

Hi Sandra

it is so good to hear of you progress. You have been and will continue to be an inspiration to many. I cant wait until I am able to see you again - I miss hearing your words of encouragement. Hope to hear your voice soon. May God continue to strengthen you.

All my love
Yvonne (TLP)

From Fiona Beckford
Added 03 December 2009

Dear Sandra, Kevin and family,

God is so faithful and I give Him thanks for His All-seeing eyes that watch over you both, continuing to heal, provide care, love and the desires of your hearts. How wonderful to know Sandra will be home this coming Christmas, and for me it's a relief to know she will be enjoying some good home cooking on Christmas Day. We share a passion for food, so I thank God for His mercies.

Stay under the shadow of the Almighty!

From Patricia Stewart
Added 03 December 2009

I am so glad to hear that Sandra is doing so well and that she will be home in time to celebrate Christmas.
Lots of love,

From Sandra Kelley
Added 30 November 2009

Dear Sandra and Kevin

Great news! Spending Christmas at home with your family and friends will be a wonderful present for all of you - it will certainly be a Christmas to remember.

Keep up the rehab - it's hard work but I'm sure it will be worth it in the end

with love to you all

Sandra x

From Sheryl Lindo-Mason
Added 29 November 2009

Hello Dear Friends

I trust and hope that all is well. First of all, let me apologise for taking so long to write to you. I am very busy at the moment but I have not relented in the fight, I am still hammering the devil and his imps with prayers that are red hot with Holy Ghost anointing.

I am particularly pleased to know that Sandra is making steady recovery as I did not expect anything less from the hands of our Mighty God. I know that He is Lord of creation and Lord of our lives, He's Lord over land and the sea, He's Lord of the heavens before there was time and Lord of our lives He will be. The devil is mad but we are glad and we praise the name of the living God for glorifying Himself in the healing and deliverance of our beloved. One thing I do know is that the enemy is now plotting to see if he can come up with something else to finish what he has started, however, I would like to inform hell that no weapons that are formed against Sandra and her family shall prosper and the weapons of our warfare are not carnal but are mighty through God to the pulling down of strongholds of the enemy. God remains our battle axe and weapons of war and He will totally destroy the works of the adversary. We will continue to hold the family up in our prayers and we will continue to fight the old dragon on your behalf. In the meantime enjoy the togetherness and make up for the time you have lost and rest in the Lord with confidence knowing that all is well. Take care and tell Sandra that I will see her soon.

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